About Wadud

Hi, My name is Wadud. Full Name: Md. Abdul Wadud (In Bengali: মোঃ আব্দুল ওয়াদুদ). Founder of US-Bangla Technology. I was born on October 12th, 1982 in Khulna, Bangladesh. I have earned B. Sc in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m Mostly a Freelancer, Freelancing Instructor, and a Vlogger (Video Blogger). I like to introduce myself as an Internet Entrepreneur.

I’m writing blogs and making video blogs & tutorials for helping freelancers to learn freelancing, outsourcing, and money earning from online. I am currently working as a virtual project manager at the “djdeals.com” eCommerce website. DJDEALS.COM is one of the largest retailers of DJ equipment & lighting in the world, collaborated directly with the world’s top DJ’s & music producers. The eCommerce Company based in Miami FL, USA. Also, I am a freelancer and working on upwork.com platform.

More About Md. Abdul Wadud:

I’m well known for my Freelancing Tutorial videos, Video Blogs on YouTube, and Various Bengali Blogs and Websites. My video series ‘Nothing Impossible’ gained popularity among young people. I’m working as a freelancing instructor on various freelancing and outsourcing teaching centers in the whole country in Bangladesh. Also, I’m a Recital Artist.
My official YouTube channel: youtube.com/WadudOfficial . A video interview of me was published on his YouTube channel.

I am extremely motive and loves to share my message with energy and an intensity that can only inspire those listening to me. My enthusiasm is contagious as my continues to help others by giving them a strong desire to succeed.

I’m highly experienced and has had much success in online data entry and web based tasks. My passion is YouTube, video, and video blogging. I love my country and I want to serve my country.

Trace Wadud

If you want to find me, you may search WadudOfficial on google. If you want to tag me, you may use Hashtags: #wadudofficial and #AskWadud . If you have any questions, you can reach me via email: hello@wadudofficial.com. My Skype: WadudOfficial