Article Writing Tutorial


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In this video, I’ll explain about article writing techniques. Hope, this video will assist a lot for beginner’s.

Article Writing Tutorial for Freelancing Career, as a Freelancer and Blogging Career, as a Blogger.

Types of Article Writing:
New-Write Article
Specialist Niche Writer
Organized Knowledgeable Writer
Re-Write Article

Set your goal or target for Article Writing Career:
You should choose certain niche’s
What is Niche: a job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like!
The easiest niche is technical & product based niche.
The difficult niche is financial niche.

Steps of Article Writing:
Keywords Selection
Gather knowledge for the Keyword and Article topic. If you are not specialist niche writer!
Define the sections of your article
Start writing your article

Keywords Selection:
What is Keyword: A word that serves as a key, as to the meaning of another word, a sentence, passage.
Focus Keyword. (Only 1 Keyword)
Additional Keywords. (It can be up to 10 Keywords)
You should know the Keyword Research for Keyword selection

Gather knowledge for the Keyword and Article topic:
If you are not a specialist for the niche, so, you have to search on Google or other source and gather knowledge for the Keyword and article


Define the sections of your article:
Sub Heading-2 (h2) (Is Must)
Sub Heading-3 (h3) (if needed)
Sub Heading-4 (h4) (if needed)
Pros & Cons (for product base article)

Start writing your article:
After completed the above three steps, you have to start writing your article from description section.
Important tips: It is a good technique to write the Article Introduction after finish the article writing!

If needed, you can use some PAID grammar correction software like, Grammarly, Ginger Software etc.
If you know the on-page SEO(Search Engine Optimization) technique. It will help you to write quality article.

***Suggestions for Article Writing***

Article Quality and Readability:
Quality Test:
Try to write minimum 500 to 600 words article. 1000, 2000 or more words is better (recommended).
Title should be within 65 characters, with the Keyword. Not more than 65 characters.
You must have to put the Focus Keyword in the first paragraph of the article.
After the first paragraph, you must have to create a subheading or subtitle (h2) with the Keyword.
Of course, you have to maintain the quality of copy scores minimum 70 (Flesch Reading Ease test) for using the keyword.
Please put the Keyword density is maximum 2.3%, in an article.
Write article 90 % to 100 % unique. Check plagiarism.

Readability Test:
Use minimum 1 subheadings (h2) for 300 words article, 2 subheadings for 600 words article. (h2), (h3)
Paragraphs should not be too long.
More than 20 words in a sentence, It should maximum of 25%
Contain passive voice maximum of 10% in a Article

Failure Reason of Article Writing:
Lacking of enough English knowledge.
Lacking of enough English Spelling, Grammar, Synonyms, knowledge.
Reluctance of knowledge gathering.
Thinking about any Shortcut way! Copy/Paste or Duplicate mentality.
Doing rush to complete an Article!

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