Live Webinar AskWadud Recorded-Episode-7


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A discussion about Outsourcing and FreI’ve arranged a weekly Live Webinar, which I named #AskWadud. Every Thursday 11:00 PM I will be the Live Webinar or Live Conference. I’ll be available for 2 hours for my Audience, Online friends, Student or My Subscriber.

This is the recorded video from the Live Webinar. Everyone may watch my Live Webinar question and answer program (#AskWadud) episodes, training and tutorial programs from here and can learn about various types of computer related, money earning from online and technical topics. This Live Webinar is presenting my YouTube channel and my video blogs. The programs are free for all my subscribers, visitors and my online friends. Everyone can ask me the question about freelancing, online money earning process and issues, various types of technical issues. I will try to answer the questions. Everyone is most welcome to the program.