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liveHi Friends, This is my official live channels page. I have arranged weekly live video webinar. In this page I am providing all my current and upcoming programs, conferences and hangouts links. Everyone may watch my live question and answers program (#AskWadud) episodes, training and tutorial programs from here and can learn about various types of computer related, money earning from online and technical topics. This page is presenting my YouTube channel and my video blogs. The programs are free for all my subscriber, visitors and my online friends. Everyone can ask me the question about freelancing, online money earning process and issues, various types of technical issues. I will try to answer the questions. Everyone is most welcome to the program.

How can you join the Webinar:
Please click the link ( and see the video, it will show you, how to join the Webinar.

How can you control and manage:
Please click the link ( and see the video, it will show you how to control and manage the program.

This is the weekly Live Webinar:

The Live Webinar Schedule is Thursday Night 11:00PM. You will get the Joining link at the same time as Thursday Night 11:00PM. But which Thursday will be the live program, you have to get update from my Official Facebook Page.

Live Webinar Visiting link:

Live Webinar Joining link:

After Live Program

After the live programs, conferences or hangouts, all my videos will store in my official YouTube channel. After ending any programs, everyone can watch the program in my YouTube channel. The program’s video will never edit. The program’s video will shown as it is the original recorded video. Before join the program, please remember, it is not possible to remove the video or remove any part of the video.

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