Online Outsourcing Training Courses

outsourcing trainingFriends, Good news! I’m going to start an Online Outsourcing Training Courses as an online course from next January 2016. Many of my subscribers and online friends have requested me to start a Online Outsourcing Training Course or online course. So I’ve decided, if I get respond from some of my subscribers and online friends, then I’ll start a batch as an online course. I could carry maximum 10 students for each batch and not less than 8 members. If you are interested, So “Get Hurry” to book your seat and Let’s learn online from anywhere you live.

I’m thinking of freelancing, outsourcing or money earning training course. I’m not thinking for any critical or hard things. I’m experienced and a real freelancer. I know which things are critical and which are easy. Many guys able to do web design or development task, but not everyone. Everyone are not able to do hard things. So, I’m thinking to provide an easy course.

Goals of the Online Outsourcing Training Course

The Online Outsourcing Training Course’s goal is teaching an unemployed youth generation and prepared them for work. A lot of Fraud is happening based on Outsourcing Training Course. This is not my motive to earn money using a training course. Because, I’ve the proper way to earn money by outsourcing. However, I’m preparing the course for unskilled youth people. The goals of the Online Outsourcing Training Course is to trained unskilled youth people and build them as efficient and operational.

I’m providing a registration form to fill, Just want to see how many people want to join in this course. Maximum 10 people allow and if minimum 8 people join, then I can start the course.

Types of Online Outsourcing Training Courses:

The talent is not the same for all people. As a result, it is not possible to learn Web Design and Development related tasks for all the people. Administrative task is easier than web design or development task.
Basically I’m doing Data Entry, Web Research and SEO related tasks in marketplaces and I’ve much experience in this fields. ECommerce Product listing or Product Uploading is a very important part of  Online Data Entry jobs. Everyone can get eCommerce Product listing or Product Uploading jobs in various marketplaces, like upwork, fiverr, freelancer etc. So I’ve prepared a course outline for eCommerce Product listing or Product Uploading course.

Course Name:
1. Data Entry (Please click here to learn more)


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