What is Niche


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What is Niche? What is niche marketing? This is Tutorial For Beginner.

Why Niche?:
Article Writing
Affiliate Marketing
CPA Marketing
eCommerce Business

Understanding of Niche:
In a word, we can say Niche = Suitable Topic !
A job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like!
A niche is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused.
Every product can be defined by its market niche.

Types of Niche:
Someone Call Two Type, Someone Call Three Type
Broad Niche
Narrow Niche
Micro Niche

Some Example of Niche’s:
Make Money Online (Broad Niche)
Freelancing (Narrow Niche)
Article Writing (Micro Niche)
Data Entry (Micro Niche)
Web Research (Micro Niche)
SEO (Micro Niche)
Social Media Marketing (Micro Niche)

More Example of Niche’s:
Technology (Broad Niche)
Electronics (Narrow Niche)
Smartphone (Micro Niche)
Smartwatch (Micro Niche)
Television (Micro Niche)
Sound System (Micro Niche)
Desktop PC (Micro Niche)

More Example of Niche’s:
Health (Broad Niche)
Weight Loss (Micro Niche)
Fat Loss (Micro Niche)
Teeth Whitening (Micro Niche)
Healthy Foods (Micro Niche)
Depression (Micro Niche)

Niche Selection Suggestions For Beginner:
It is better to choose and work on Micro Niche’s.
It is easy and better to choose and work on product base Niche’s.
When you will expert, then you can work on any type of Niche’s!